MamaEarth Vitamin C Body Lotion Uses and Benefit Reviews

Vitamin C is known for its anti-aging benefits and hydrating properties. That’s exactly what you can expect from this Mamaearth’s body lotion. Perfect for winters, this moisturizing and non-greasy formula has many anti-aging properties combined with deep nourishing benefits. It makes your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated no matter exhausting your day was.

I was pretty worried about my sensitive skin, but knowing that this dermatologically-tested formula works for all skin types, I felt reassured that it’d be the best for my skin. The product contains shea butter, olive oil, honey, and other natural ingredients that have proven to be great products for all skin types and complexions. I recommend it for winter use since your skin feels a little rough. The product is super light and smooth. So, you can count on it for hydrating your skin and giving it the moisture your skin is craving. 

Restore your skin’s smoothness with Mamaearth Vitamin C Body Lotion. The lotion is also recommended for those with an uneven skin tone. It will balance your complexion and give you fresh and young-looking skin. There’s no fixed time for applying this body lotion. Pour a small amount of product on your palm, apply it to your dry skin, and enjoy the supple and smooth feel. Re-apply the solution every time your skin looks dry and rough.

What I Liked

So, there are a few things we liked about this formula. It is:

  • Free of silicone and paraben
  • Offers deep hydration
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Non-greasy formula

This all-natural Mamaearth’s vitamin C body lotion is a perfect formula for dry skins, though it suits nearly every skin type. You can apply it to your hands, feet, palm, shoulders, and other areas that feel dry. Keep your skin moisturized with this solution!

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  1. Vasundhra Jain November 25, 2021

    This is a particularly decent item. Smell is exceptionally gentle and salve is likewise very soft, non tacky. It gets ingested into the skin effectively and gives an exceptionally smooth and delicate feel all together.


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